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    We called the Bitcoin low in October 2022 and predicted a rally to 63,000 by March 2024

    We predicted in late January 2023 that Bitcoin would rally to 45,000 by Christmas

    In September 2023, we claimed that Bitcoin Miners would be the ultimate bet for 2024

    In November 2023, we called for a Bitcoin rally to 57,000 after the Bitcoin ETF approvals

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    We managed money for Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Millennium

    And worked with the biggest names in the crypto industry

    All our market calls and analysis is backed up by data and market structure analysis

    Our market views are quoted by Wall Street and Crypto media every day



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    Tailored for traders, we developed 40+ trading models that generate trading ideas for 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months or 3 months time horizons. Expect to receive at least 1-2 high probability ideas per week. Apply to join subscriber ONLY Telegram Group.

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    Receive critical reports including our top 10 coin portfolio (monthly rebalanced), insights on protocol revenue, use-cases, trends within the digital asset eco-system, and important trading signals focusing on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Apply to join subscriber ONLY Telegram Group.

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    Our comprehensive weekly deep dive report (min 48 per year), spanning 8-10 pages, empowers you to stay ahead in the ever-evolving markets. Unlock actionable trading analytics from our robust arsenal of 40+ trading models, supplemented by timely flash updates. Apply to join subscriber ONLY Telegram Group.

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    Bitcoin: The Irresistible Rise

    Praised by: Coinbase, Draper, Bitdeer, Wintermute, Animoca

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