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The crypto market is vast and volatile. Making informed decisions can be overwhelming. Don’t chase fleeting trends – make informed decisions with 10x Research. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

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We help clients to be ahead of the game – all the time

We accurately called the Bitcoin low in October 2022, predicting a surge to $63,160 by March 2024 into the halving (which moved to April with a final price of $63,491).

In January 2023, we foresaw Bitcoin's rise to $45,000 by Christmas, a prediction that came true (final price of $43,613).

We identified Bitcoin miners as a key investment for 2024 back in September 2023. And most recently, in November 2023, we anticipated a Bitcoin rally to $57,000 following Bitcoin ETF approvals.

We called for Bitcoin rally to $70,000 in January 2024. And called for a correction near the top in March 2024.

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Why Us?

Experienced Traders with Proven Results

Our team has a proven track record of success in the financial world, having managed funds for major institutions like Morgan StanleyJP Morgan, and Millennium. We also possess deep expertise in the crypto industry, collaborating with leading players.

Data-Driven Insights You Can Trust

Our market calls and analysis are meticulously researched and backed by sophisticated data analysis and market structure evaluation. This rigorous approach ensures the accuracy and reliability of our insights.

Regularly cited for our research precision

 Respected Wall Street and Crypto media outlets consistently quote our market views. This recognition underscores the value and credibility of our analysis. Google us: ’10x Research + Crypto’ and click on ‘news’. Our views move markets.

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